Studies show that 70% of Americans are not happy with the way life is going for them

Notice people tend to define purpose as the next milestone:
to find the ideal mate, to land that dream job, to buy that house...
Only to find that when they arrive, happiness is short lived and fulfillment is missing!

Most individuals are not sure what they are doing is RIGHT for them

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Is your life, relationship and bank account exactly where you want it to be? Most of us answered, no. Want to know why it isn’t? Because we all need that one thing that keeps us going, that thing that gives us drive, our “why” and most of us don’t know what that “why” is.

Do you? What’s YOUR why, what is your purpose? You’ve been questioned about your purpose before, but you haven’t even been told how to find it. You also have not been told that you have lived your life on your purpose this whole time. Your purpose is not something you have to go out and search for, it’s something within you that you have been using for a while now.

Join us as we reflect on your life occurrences to discover what your purpose is. Live your life with a new meaning, one which will transform your experience of living. This 6-week online seminar series is structured to help you create a life of your design and integrate everyday techniques, which are backed by neuroscience!

You will be given proven strategies to take control of your direction and destination, such as learning about how the Autonomic Nervous System controls your moment-to- moment decisions. We’ll give you the tools and techniques to transform where your life is at right now.

Stop letting life just happen to you and start deciding what is going to happen in your life.

Abhijeet Vaidya

Abhijeet is the CEO of OpenTech Media. He is a passionate leader and visionary who is determined to help make the world a better place.

Abhijeet brings over 20 years of experience in the IT industry to OpenTech. He played a key role in fostering partnerships with companies such as Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks, Autodesk, IBM, Wells Fargo, and more. He has developed over 200 projects in diverse fields such as manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, fitness, healthcare, IT training and has managed production of over 10,000 hours of content. Abhijeet earned a BS in Mathematics from the University of Pune after studying for two years at the National Defense Academy in India.

Abhijeet loves all types of adventures. When he’s not changing the world with cutting edge technology, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, hiking, and skiing. He believes that personal growth is a lifelong endeavor and has been participating in Landmark Worldwide’s personal training seminars since 2011.

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Sunita Punjabi Trevino

Sunita Punjabi Trevino PhD(c), the Brain Coach, works with individuals and organizations and specializes in the fields of neuroscience concepts such as: neuroplasticity, neuro-feedback, surplus reality and Mindful Psychology to create useful strategies for living.

She is famous for using the latest research in these fields to help individuals to create a life that has a purpose and calling.

This 6-week online seminar series is structured to help you create a life of your design!

You will be given proven strategies to take control of your direction and destination. You will learn how and why the Automatic Nervous System controls your moment-to- moment decisions. This knowledge will then prepare you to lead powerful life!

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